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Clinical Reflexology of Acupucture: Acu-Reflex Point Acupucture

Author: Guanyuan Jin, Jiajia Xiang, Lei Jin
Subject:Life Sciences
Publication Date:2017.12.01
Page Count:516

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This book applies the viewpoint of reflexology and attributes the meridian to the physiological and pathological reflex system of the human body. It proposes that acupuncture is a kind of reflexology which makes traditional acupuncture and meridian theories refresh, and serves as a bridge between them and modern medicine. This book contains domestic and foreign researchers’ achievements, including the author's 37 years of plenteous results and experience in acupuncture clinical treatment and scientific research. It explains the essence of meridians and discusses the main technical theories of acupuncture therapy, especially focusing on clinical practice. This book also analyzes the difficulties in acupuncture treatment of common stubborn diseases and the ways to improve the efficacy.

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