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Adaptive Learning—the Education Revolution of the AI Era

Author: Li Ren
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.01.01
Page Count:204

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It is the first book of this kind that systematically introduces Educational Artificial Intelligence (EAI) and Adaptive Learning (AL) in China.AI has so far been silently affecting all aspects of social life and the educational system; it is expected to exert a far-reaching impact on the worldwide learning and educational activities. In plain language, this book depicts the cutting-edge idea of how AI and AL transform education. By encompassing about 20 typical cases and more than 100 charts, the content of this book is both readable and understandable. Thanks to AI and AL, for the first time since the Confucius’ time, we are now able to truly implement the great educational philosophy of “individualized teaching”, so that excellent teachers are no longer a “scarce resource” and education becomes “personalized”. At this moment, we can say that a new revolution is underway in education!

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  • Dr. Li Ren has all along been dedicated to the research and practice in Internet education. He has been working in National Center for Educational Technology and sina.com.cn – one of China’s top four portals.

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