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The Research on Arts & Crafts Exchange Between China, Japan and Korea in Tang and Song Dynasty

Author: Yan Zhu
Publication Date:2018.09.01
Page Count:576

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The Tang and Song dynasties embody the peak of the cultural exchange on arts and crafts between China, Japan and Korea. The arts and crafts from China were emulated by Japan and Korea and have cast great influences on the social system, beliefs and living styles of later generations. This book makes use of basic classification methods of arts and crafts and approaches the historical records and artifacts with the most scientific and rigorous attitude, endeavoring to recover the history of exchange between the three nations on printing and dyeing, ceramics, lacquerware and other categories. It discusses the features and history of these categories as a basis for discussion and interprets the artistic styles and the origins as the point of focus.

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  • Zhu Yan, young scholar. He studied in the department of Chinese at Sichuan University and received a master's degree in ancient Chinese literature in 2011, and graduated from Tsinghua University's School of Fine Arts in 2015 with a ph.d. in art. He was a guest editor of the National Art Museum of China and a researcher at the Art Museum of Tsinghua University, and is currently teaching in Guangzhou. Mainly engaged in the history of Chinese arts and crafts, design history and material and cultural history research. As a major undertaker, he has participated in a number of national and provincial-level topics, and has published several papers in core journals at home and abroad, such as Decoration, New Art, East Asian Humanities, etc.

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