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Interesting Mathematics and Programming Development

Author: Yang Kechang
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2019.01.01
Page Count:432

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This book attempts to integrate interest mathematics with programming. It selects and presents interesting math problems, highlights their fun and attraction (such as integer, prime number, numerical expression, equation, exquisite solution, sequence of number, optimal exploration, symbolic-graphic combination, intelligent game and numerical matrix). This book showcases a wide range of problems that are both funny and aesthetic, suitable for both refined and popular tastes; and explains difficult problems in simple terms. There are demonstrations of how to skillfully solve the selected interesting math problems by developing computational thinking: expand the problems in breadth and depth through programming, show the program execution results, increase the fun and attraction of the original problems, and promote further development of interest mathematics. All programs are attached with complete C program codes and running examples, and are compiled in VC++6.0 environment.

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  • Yang Kechang is professor of the School of Computer Science, Hunan Institute of Science and Technology; and senior coach of China Mathematical Olympiad. He has been dedicated to teaching and research of mathematics and computer science. Yang graduated from Wuhan University.

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