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The Legendary Female Script (Revised Edition)

Author: Zhao Liming
Subject:Language, Culture & Arts
Publication Date:2018.10.01
Page Count:280

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While the Chinese culture is on the way to achieve revival, the female script, which is a fairly unique female culture, has blossomed out a dazzling brilliance gradually. This book perfectly presents the female script in Lingnan region of China on paper (it has been as unknown as “wild rose growing on mountains”), makes the silent female script attract the limelight once again. The book consists of 9 chapters which tell about the origin and birthplace of female script, and the role, value and appreciation of female script. From the perspectives of practicality and aesthetics, this book expresses women’s inherent intelligence and creativity with the gentle calligraphy of female script. As more and more Chinese modern women get to know the female script and write the script personally, it is sure that they will strongly feel national confidence, gender confidence and cultural confidence. The Legendary Female Script is written by Prof. Zhao Liming based on her 30-plus years’ studying. It is spoken highly by the Chinese literature masters Ji Xianlin and Zhou Youguang.

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  • Dr. Zhao Liming is professor of Tsinghua University. She is one of the students of Zhang Shunhui and Lu Zongda – both masters of Chinese Culture, and mainly dedicated to studying Analytical Dictionary of Characters.

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