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Empirical Study on Trial Pattern Change in the Information Age

Author: LIANG Kun
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2018.02.01
Page Count:332

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This book approaches the changes of trial patterns in the information age from the historical, macro and micro, territorial perspectives and also a panoramic view in terms of empirical study. First, it offers a deep analysis of the theoretical issues from a perspective. Secondly, from a more micro and specific perspective, it lays focus on the setup of digital court, remote trial, electronic data usage in trial, open trial, trial live-streaming and other concrete problems and solutions that the modern court would confront and make use of.

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  • Liang Kun is Juris Doctor (2011) and Postdoctoral In Sociology (2013) from Renmin University of China. He now works as associate professor at School of Criminal Investigation, Southwest University of Political Science and Law.

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