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The Mind as the Body: A Comparative Study on the Metaphors of Perception Between English and Chinese

Author: Qin Xiugui, Tie Yi
Subject:Language, Culture & Arts
Publication Date:2018.10.01
Page Count:336

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Guided by the embodied philosophy and cognitive linguistics, this book focuses on the macro-metaphor of “THE MIND IS THE BODY” from the perspective of English-Chinese comparison. It examines the metaphorical projections of perceptual concepts as well as their semantic extensions, and reveals the conceptual metaphorical system of perception between English and Chinese.

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  • Qin Xiugui, Doctor of Beijing Normal University, Professor and PhD supervisor of Guangxi University for Nationalities, and President of Guangxi Translation Association. His major research fields are cognitive linguistics and foreign language teaching. Tie Yi, Doctor of Guangxi University for Nationalities. Research Direction: Cognitive linguistics.

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