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The Secret of Software Development

Author: SEHN Siwei
Subject:Computer Science
Publication Date:2019.07.01
Page Count:220

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The author of this book has been working in China’s software industry for years and even started his own business. He has gained a profound knowledge of this industry, and holds a unique view on the prospect of this industry and career planning of programmers. This book depicts the whole picture of this industry; an overall understanding of the industry will enable practitioners feel like a fish in water. This book is divided into six chapters: career planning for programmers, career development advice to programmers, technical advice to programmers, how to manage a technical team, difficulties in domestic software development, and survival guide for software outsourcing companies.

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  • Shen Siwei graduated from South China University of Technology with a major in computer software. Having been dealing with Web software development for years, Shen has founded several software companies, and developed a profound full-stack development ability.

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