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The People-centered Chinese Urbanization——A Study of China’s Urbanization Trend and Policy Measures

Author: China New Urbanization Research Institute of Tsinghua University
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.03.01
Page Count:196

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In this book, which holds onto the global trend of urbanization based on the world coordinate system and historical process, the author argues that China should never follow the suit of Latin America in excessive urbanization, but learn from the experiences and lessons of the urbanization process in the western developed states against the backdrop of industrial civilization, so as to explore a path of urbanization with Chinese characteristics that meets with the complex and diverse conditions of both the state and people, and conforms to such features of the times as intelligent society and ecological civilization. This book systematically analyzes the main achievements, stage characteristics and governance focus of China’s urbanization, points out the existing problems in this regard, foresees China’s major urbanization trends in the future, based on which it puts forward the core ideas, major strategies, technological paths and policy suggestions on this subject.

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  • China New Urbanization Research Institute of Tsinghua University, which is a joint venture co-founded by National Development & Reform Commission and Tsinghua, is a high-end science and technology think tank dedicated to China’s new urbanization drive.

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