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Focusing on “Double First-Class” Initiative: How Far is China from a Strong Nation of Higher Education?

Author: Li Zhimin
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2018.06.01
Page Count:216

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In this book there are both interpretation of the “Double First-Class” Initiative by an expert with China’s Ministry of Education, and exploration of the path for building China into a powerful country in higher education.At the present stage where the world science and technology are changing with each passing day, innovation has become the primary driving force for economic and social development. Talents are the cornerstone of innovation, the one who can call in the first-rate talents will have the advantage and dominant right in sci-tech innovation. After the list of the “double first-class” universities was published, the reform of higher education once again becomes the focus of public attention. The author has spent years on researching and thinking about the “Double First-Class” Initiative, and formed unique understanding about this subject. Since there is yet any monograph on this subject despite of numerous research articles, this book is expected to promote the in-depth research and practice of the “Double First-Class” Initiative in China, and contribute to the reform and development of the country’s higher education.

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  • Li Zhimin is Editor-in-Chief of China Sciencepaper and China Education Network; and Deputy Director of the Management Council of China Education and Research Network. He had been Director of the Science and Technology Development Center under the Ministry of Education.

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