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Application of Wavelet Theory in Vibration Analysis of Engineering Structures

Author: Bai Quan, Bian Jingmei, Kang Yumei
Publication Date:2018.11.01
Page Count:128

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Structural vibration is a common problem in civil engineering, the main task of structural vibration analysis is to study the relationship among input dynamic load, structure and structural response. This book systematically introduces the application of the wavelet theory in structural vibration analysis (including the use of the wavelet transform theory for analyzing the non-stationary random load signals, like strong earthquakes and strong winds); estimates its time-frequency statistical characteristics; uses the wavelet transform theory to simulate the artificial seismic wave and wind velocity time-history, applies it to the structural time-history response analysis, and conducts structural dynamic reliability estimation based on the wavelet transform theory. Besides, the application of wavelet packet theory is also discussed along with the load characteristic analysis.

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