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The Path to Innovation: Essentials in TRIZ Theory and Practice

Author: YAO Wei,HAN Xu, CHU Zhaowei
Publication Date:2019.05.01
Page Count:360

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This book discusses how to address the theoretical problems of innovation and then implement innovative practice. It covers all of the theoretical knowledge in the certification tests of grade-1 and grade-2 innovation engineers, which are organized by Ministry of Science and Technology. Moreover, this book also includes the teaching and practical cases which are in line with industrial and economic development, and shares the experiences of the authors in applying innovative approaches to solve practical problems. In short, it is a book that advocates integration of learning and doing.This book is crystallization of the theoretical and practical experiences of the innovation team of Zhejiang University. This team is made up of the front-line teachers who have been teaching and training innovative approaches for years. The content of this book is comprehensive, well-organized and logical; though it caters to the need of specialists, it is easy to understand.

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  • Tian Feng is Senior Vice President of Pera Global, Executive Dean of National Institute of Industrial Software and Advanced Design, Director of Beijing Comprehensive Simulation Engineering Laboratory, and Deputy Chief of the Expert Panel of the National Science & Technology Pillar Program launched by Ministry of Science and Technology.

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