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Empower the Future: Transform Automotive Industry Thru Acquisition of Technology Startups

Author: Xu Yading, Li Donghong, Li Zhao, Yang Zhuge
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.01.01
Page Count:256

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The body of innovation of every industry is multifaceted: from large companies that are leaders in the industry to SMEs including technology start-ups. Due to factors such as the limitation of their own technological innovation mechanisms, large companies often actively seek cooperation with technology startups, including acquisitions. The acquisition of technology startups by large enterprises provides a home for technology startups as well as an effective way for large enterprises to acquire leading technological innovation achievements, and ultimately promotes technological innovation and industrial upgrading of the whole industry through the cooperation between the two. This book studies the acquisitions of technology start-ups in the digital transformation of the automotive industry, and examines the general pattern of acquisitions of technology start-ups by large enterprises.

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