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If Artifacts Can Speak

Author: Jinpeng Du
Subject:Language, Culture & Arts
Publication Date:2018.07.01
Page Count:284

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In order to let readers have a clearer understanding of the treasures in China, this book selects more than 60 representative artifacts and gives a systemic account of them, endeavoring to convey the hard facts in the most entertaining manner. All artifacts were represented also with exquisite pictures, in order to leave a direct impression on the readers. We hope to inspire the public's attention and interests on artifacts by detailing the history and culture behind them.

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  • Du Jinpeng is researcher of the Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), professor of the Graduate School of CASS, and expert in preservation of cultural relics of Ministry of Science and Technology and National Cultural Heritage Administration. Du has been presiding over or taking part in the archaeological excavations of the Erlitou Site (the Capital of Xia Dynasty) in Yanshi, the Shang town ruins in Yanshi, and the Yinxu Site of Anyang. He is entitled to the State Council Special Allowance.

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