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Arrangement and Contest for Control of the Company

Author: Ma Yongbin
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.04.01
Page Count:596

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This book is a companion volume to The Rules of Corporate Governance, and an operation manual for the entrepreneurs to arrange and contest for control of their company in the capital market.This is a guidebook for entrepreneurs, especially for those who plan for integration of industry and finance and utilization of capital to consolidate and expand their business. By encompassing the content from venture investment to IPO and to M&A, the author tries to build this book an “anti-black swan” weapon to safeguard the capital market. Based on three cases about control arrangement and five cases about control contest, the author has created 8 intriguing business novels, from which readers will learn the logic and methods for arranging and contesting for the company control while enjoying the plot. This book focuses on the four “battlefields” of equity structure design, articles of incorporation, shareholder agreement and term sheet of equity investment, integrates with the classic cases of Vanke, Lenovo, Fosun, China Oceanwide, Giant Network, Jingdong and Alibaba, and employs the means of corporate governance and capital operation, for the purpose of guiding the management to guard against hostile M&A, optimize the company’s equity structure and stabilize its control.

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  • Dr. Ma Yongbin is associate researcher at Tsinghua University; Executive Deputy Director of the Center for Enterprise Capital and Management System, Tsinghua’s Graduate School at Shenzhen; and Director of the Entrepreneurship Education Center, Tsinghua’s Graduate School at Shenzhen.

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