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Nonlinear Channel Model and Its Simulation

Author: Guo Yecai
Publication Date:2019.04.01
Page Count:324

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Satellite channel modeling and equilibrium are key technologies for satellite communication. The research on this technology will help improve the feasibility and quality of the satellite communication system. The author and his team have studied satellite communication channels for years. Based on the nonlinearity of satellite communication channels, this book studies the establishment of nonlinear channel model and equilibrium technology. It introduces the satellite channel model and the equilibrium theory, technology and application based on the model; forms a system that incorporates both theoretical and technical achievements (from satellite channel modeling to satellite channel equilibrium), so that the content of this book is advanced, practical and systematic, and with distinctive levels and strong readability. This book is suitable for engineering and technical personnel, researchers and graduate students who are engaged in information and communication engineering, control science and engineering, intelligent science and technology.

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  • Prof. Guo Yecai is master’s supervisor, doctoral supervisor in underwater acoustical signal processing, and Deputy Dean of the School of Electronics and Information Technology, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology; mainly dedicated to the research of electronic circuit and system, control theory and control engineering, biomedical engineering and electric engineering.

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