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Idioms in Tang Poetry

Author: Shan Changxue
Subject:Language, Culture & Arts
Publication Date:2019.03.01
Page Count:340

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This book tells the stories behind Tang Poems with the idioms derived therefrom, depicts the course of life of each poet, while the ups and downs of their fate are a mirror that reflect the glory and decline of the Tang Dynasty. This book selects a total of 143 idioms created by 72 poets, covering more than 500 Tang poems (mainly in reference to the Complete Tang Poems published by China Publishing House in 1999). In this book there are excavation of historical events and embellishment of legends, appreciation and analysis of famous poems and well-turned phrases, and insight into the literary circle in the Tang Dynasty. Expressing literary knowledge, history and culture in a kind and simple language, this book is easy to understand and remember and full of wit and humor, it is suitable for the Tang poetry lovers from all walks of life to read and appreciate.

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