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A Study of Dispute Settlement Mechanisms of UNCLOS: Annex VII Arbitration

Author: Jia Bingbing
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2018.11.01
Page Count:204

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In combination with the case of “South China Sea Arbitration”, this book comprehensively examines Part XV (focus on the dispute settlement mechanism) of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), carefully expounds and reflects on the international law issues that are associated with the articles of Part XV, and discusses other related international judicial or arbitration cases. By transiting from a microcosmic perspective (the case of “South China Sea Arbitration”) to a macroscopic perspective, the author draws up some constructive conclusions not only conform to China’s maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea, and also have universal guiding significance.

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  • Jia Bingbing, dedicated to the research of international law, is now law professor of Tsinghua University and member of the Curatorium of Hague School of International Law. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Peking University and a doctoral degree from Oxford University.

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