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Introduction to Python (Second Edition): Micro-Course Online Video

Author: Small Turtle ( Li Jiayu)
Subject:Computer Science
Publication Date:2019.06.01
Page Count:440

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This book is a popular best-seller, boasting a sales volume of 130,000. Although this book is introductory, its “ambitions” go beyond the “elementary level”. The first half of the book starts with the grammatical basics about Python 3, including list, tuple, character string, dictionary and various statements; and then progressively discusses some advanced topics like abstraction, anomaly, magic method, attribute and iterator. The second half focuses on application of Python 3 in developing crawler, interface and game, and takes examples to guide readers to conduct in-depth study and inquiry; the content is not only interesting, but helpful for readers to exercise their hands-on skills. This book is suitable for readers that have just started learning Python 3, and also for laymen who desire to create great changes with programming.

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  • Small Turtle ( Li Jiayu) is the founder of Fish C Studio and a popular software learning teacher. He has attracted a wide following with his easy-to-understand teaching methods and has taught over 10 million students cumulatively.

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