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The Happy Life of a Dog Lover

Author: Wu Ge
Subject:Language, Culture & Arts
Publication Date:2019.04.01
Page Count:160

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This book is a cartoon diary co-starred by a web celebrity dog “Wu Bei’er” and his little master that live in Huilongguan community. “With a child and a dog, I am winner of life”–catch phrase of the author. This book is a comic strip that records the moments of life of Wu Bei’er and his litter master in humorous language. It can make modern people, who are under great pressure of life and study, feel happy and relaxed, and learn to cherish and enjoy their life.

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  • Wu Ge (with a web name as Ming Liang) graduated from the School of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology, and later went to Geneva to study French. After returning to China, Wu firstly worked as a designer in the product department of Sina.com. She is now General Manager of Huilongguan.com. She often says that she can understand her life better while playing with children and dog, and dealing with daily necessities.

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