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Data Governance Driven by Master Data: Principles, Technologies and Practices

Author: Wang Zhaojun, Wang Yue, Cao Zhaohui
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.04.01
Page Count:376

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“Data” have become a valuable strategic asset of enterprises. In order to maximize the value of mass data, enterprises shall pay special attention to data governance and comprehensive utilization. The operational principle of data governance driven by master data is as follows: among the chaotic and massive data of enterprises, capture the key data with high-business value for governance, for the purpose of improving the quality of the overall data and building up the competitiveness of enterprises in an all-round manner. This book covers the following key topics on master-data governance: data asset; data governance framework; governance model, methods, process, typical products and cases; model framework; data integration, quality and security, etc. This book, which sums up the experiences and knowledge of the three authors in data governance and consulting for almost 10 years, will guide readers to implement data governance and master-data management.

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  • Wang Zhaojun is senior engineer and Senior Vice President of Beijing SunwayWorld Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Having been dealing with enterprise informatization for 30 years, Wang is known for his expertise in intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce and data governance. Dr. Wang Yue is associate researcher of the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University. He has been engaged in the research of sensor network, big data and data governance for years. Cao Zhaohui, senior expert in data standardization, is Vice President of Beijing SunwayWorld Science & Technology Co., Ltd. He has spent for over 15 years in information standardization consulting and implementation.

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