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Historical Architecture Map of Shaanxi

Author: Chen Chi, Li Ruoshui, Yang Guang, Zhu Yuxi
Publication Date:2021.01.01
Page Count:564

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This book focuses on the existing historical architectures in Shaanxi Province (including world cultural heritage sites, and historical and cultural sites protected at the national, provincial and municipal level), with appropriate additions of some ancient tombs, ancient sites, grotto temples and stone carvings, as well as important modern and contemporary buildings. It mainly introduces 350 ancient buildings in 10 provincially administered municipality in Shaanxi Province. By searching for information, drawing maps, collecting and organizing relevant drawings, surveys and filming, and visiting, we faithfully record information of each historical architecture, including overview of the location of the historical architecture; its history, architectural structure, plane layout, architectural style; and preservation status. The book can serve as a reference material for the research on the history of architecture in Shaanxi Province.

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