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Mathematical Theory of Blockchain: Understanding Market Gravity and Market Intelligence

Author: Xie Chupeng
Subject:Computer Science
Publication Date:2019.06.01
Page Count:228

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This book systematically discusses the core theories of blockchain. It consists of 7 chapters that separately elaborate on the following topics: reference objects of blockchain, mesh collaboration and market gravity, micro and macro gravity of three markets, economic functions and issuance of paper money; market information theory and market entropy, driving force mechanism and work efficiency of blockchain; unified model of three markets and three physical fields, economic atoms and economic elements, correspondence between private chains and economic atoms, correspondence between alliance chains and economic compounds, collaboration between and evolution of private chains, “chemical bonds” of alliance chains, blockchain regulators; public chains and consensus, fission and fusion of private chains; state transfer process of blockchain, typical algorithms of market intelligence; key opportunities and innovations of blockchain, the Internet of values, and highway of values. This book also explores the grand unified theory, and reconsiders the rules in natural science and social science.

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