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Enjoy Every Meal

Author: Lifedu Educational Technology Co., Ltd.
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2019.02.01
Page Count:160

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This is a food education book specially designed for children aged 0 to 6 years old by the ChildEnjoy curriculum R&D team of Lifedu Educational Technology Co., Ltd. The book contains intriguing stories with food as characters, 60 food education programs teaching parents to make healthy and delicious meals, and 60 parent-child interactive game cards. All the stories are surprising, humorous and warming, which is easier for children to fall in love with healthy food. Moreover, there are accompanying 12 calendars showing tips on food education and 6 nutrition posters, which are convenient for parents to make food education plans for their children.

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  • Lifedu Educational Technology Co., Ltd. is a research institution engaged in early childhood education, and upholding the philosophy of “provide children, parents and teachers with cutting-edge educational ideas and practices”. Its R&D team is made up of preschool education scholars and experts from Columbia University and China’s well-known colleges and universities.

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