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International Law Review (Volume 9)

Author: Kong Qingjiang, Lin Canling
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.01.01
Page Count:208

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This book exhibits the research results of public international law, private international law, international economic law and international environmental law. In this book there are discussions about the hot topics, frontier academic issues and practices associated with international law. The domain of public international law introduces the national legislation on climate change, etc.; while the domain of private international law involves the international comparison of private international law legislation, network conflict law, international civil and commercial jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, international commercial arbitration procedure, cross-strait civil and commercial dispute settlement mechanism, etc. The papers on international economic law respectively focus on the legal coordination of FDI in the Yangtze River Delta, security of international merchant vessels, the EU’s imposition on aviation carbon tax, and other typical legal issues.

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  • Prof. Kong Qingjiang, Doctor of Letters in Law, is Dean of the School of International Law, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL); and Deputy Director of China Institute of International Antitrust and Investment of CUPL.

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