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Time-Space Theory of Leadership and Management

Author: CHEN Guoquan
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2022.06.01
Page Count:184

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Time-Space Theory of Leadership and Management systematically expounds the time-space theory of leadership and management, emphasizing that leaders and managers must understand, analyze, design, and make decisions about organizations from both temporal and spatial perspectives in a multi-level, multidimensional, and dynamic manner. They should adopt actions and measures to achieve excellent organizational performance, as well as maintain sustainable survival and healthy and harmonious development. Compared to previous theories of leadership and management, the time-space theory emphasizes a broader perspective and accommodates more variables, thus suitable for studying and resolving more complex and dynamic leadership and management issues. This book consists of eight chapters, systematically elaborating on the time-space theory of leadership and management from aspects of the overall framework, spatial layer analysis, spatial dimension analysis, time dynamics analysis, spatiotemporal (layer-dimensional-dynamic) comprehensive analysis, spatiotemporal interaction analysis, competitive interaction analysis, and spatiotemporal effectiveness analysis of the theory.

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