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Economic Growth Ladder and the Rungs of Large Enterprises

Author: Zhang Wenkui
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.04.01
Page Count:268

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This book, with novel and unique content, introduces the research result of the National Key Basic Research Program sponsored by the Development Research Center of the State Council. To date, there has been no other book of this kind in China. When an economy shifts from a low-income earner to a middle-income earner, it is no more than opening the door of growth; while turning from a middle-income earner to a high-income earner is likened to climbing a ladder of growth. Large-sized and going-global enterprises, esp. those in manufacturing industry, are indispensable “rungs” of the ladder of growth. A number of large enterprises have emerged in China, they have been expanding their size and increasing productivity at a faster pace, and performing better in upgrading and transition, improving product quality and taking part in global trade. Lots of these enterprises are counted as the “rungs”, but they are not solid and firm enough. What’s worse, there are conflicts in global trade and global governance at the present stage, it is seriously uncertain for the existing and prospective “rung” enterprises in China to keep integrating into the global industrial system and innovation system. Only when these challenges are properly addressed can China’s economic growth have a better prospect.

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  • Zhang Wenqui, a famous economist holding a Master’s Degree from Renmin University of China and a Doctoral Degree from Brunel University London, is now researcher at the Development Research Center (DRC) of the State Council and Deputy Head of the Enterprise Research Institute of DRC.

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