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China’s County Economy: Government Governance and Innovative Development

Author: You Zuyong
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.10.01
Page Count:412

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County economy is the basic unit of national economy, and also a comprehensive economic system with relatively complete functions. In China’s economic development, county economy is both the focus and a challenge. To promote high-quality development of county economy, we need to break away from the original form of relying solely on resources and production factors and being driven by investment, and take a path that truly relies on being driven by innovation and technology. This book is divided into two parts. The first part combines the 16 years of grassroot work practice of the author, researching and discussing the topics on theory, policy and practice of the development of county economy, and focusing on the upgrade of county economy under the new normal of economic development. Encompassing the author’s experience of working at the grassroot level, the second part offers innovative ideas and policy thinkings that promote the development of county economy and it describes the first-hand experience of major events and lessons learned, including private finance, enviroments and other events.

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