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Contemporary World and China

Author: Lin Huaiyi, Zhen Long, Jiang Di, Yan Xiao
Subject:Humanities & Social Sciences
Publication Date:2021.01.01
Page Count:272

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The world today is an open one. China’s development is inseparable from the world, and in the meantime, it contributes the Chinese wisdom and Chinese experience to the the development of the world. Starting from “Global Village, Chinese Dream”, this book emphasizes that the people in China and in the world share the same longing for a better life. On this basis, it systematically elaborates on the economy, democracy, rule of law, culture, science and technology, ecology, ethnicity and religion of the contemporary world and China, on contemporary international relations and China’s path of peaceful development, and on the future-oriented world and China, presenting a colorful scroll of the interaction between the world and China.

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