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Expanding the Use of SDR and Internationalization of RMB

Author: Shi Jianxun, Wang Panpan
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2019.09.01
Page Count:264

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This book systematically studies and analyzes the progress of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the international community in actively promoting the expanded use of SDR and the direction of the expansion in the future after RMB joined the SDR (Special Drawing Rights); it mainly conducts theretical, empirical, and simulated prediction and studies on issues such as the status and role of SDR in the international monetary system, the necessity and feasibility of its expanded use, and whether the expanded use of SDR will help accelerate the internationalization of RMB; countermeasures, suggestions and China’s strategic choices for promoting the expanded use of SDR in the future are also proposed.

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