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Tsinghua Changgung Clinical Case Collection: Neurology

Author: Wu Jian
Subject:Life Sciences
Publication Date:2019.11.01
Page Count:204

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This book is a compilation of most of the classic cases of educational significance in neurology accumulated since the establishment of Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital, including common neurological diseases such as cerebrovascular diseases, infectious and immune diseases, neuromuscular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and inherited metabolic diseases. In addition, it also includes some less common typical diseases such as autoimmune encephalitis, hypertrophic cranial pachymeningitis, myopathies, peripheral neuropathies, and motor neuron diseases. A wide range of cases are covered. In addition to presenting relevant information about the individual, each case also provides a literature review of each disease to help readers better understand the case and to be able to draw inferences from it in clinical practice. We also recommend one or two articles that are worth reading in detail to help them understand more about a particular disease.

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  • Wu Jian is a Chief Physician and serves as the Director of the Neurological Center at Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital, President of Tsinghua University Hospital, and Head of the Department of Neurology of Tsinghua University. His main research interests are the diagnosis, treatment techniques and pathogenesis of atherothrombotic stroke.

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