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Tsinghua Changgung Clinical Case Collection: Radiographics

Author: Zheng Zhuozhao
Subject:Life Sciences
Publication Date:2019.11.01
Page Count:144

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Tsinghua Changgung Clinical Case Collection – Radiographics is a collection of intractable and typical cases of radiological imaging from Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital. It includes 4 chapters and 43 cases, covering diseases of all systems of the body. While providing readers with rich case materials, this book also focuses on cultivating clinicians’ radiological imaging reading thoughts and clinical practical skills. Therefore, all cases are arranged in the order of brief clinical history, typical images, description of imaging manifestations, diagnostic thoughts and differential diagnosis of imaging, treatment results (including the final diagnosis), brief discussion and summary, etc. Meanwhile, the titles of the cases do not present the final diagnosis of the case, which is closer to the actual clinical diagnostic pattern and diagnostic process, thus simulating the actual practice training.

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  • Zheng Zhuozhao is Director of the Department of Radiology of Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital, and has a doctorate degree. He is currently a Chief Physician and Associate Professor and has long been engaged in the front-line work of radiodiagnosis.

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