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Consultation Handbook for Children’s Time Management: Making Children More Confident in 30 Days

Author: Wang Hong
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2019.10.01
Page Count:280

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After the child goes to school, the original lively and lovely “little angel” instantly turns into a “little devil”, dawdling, crying and fussing, forgetting things, inattentive, weary of studying, passive, rebelling and attacking, defying parents, timid and weeping, lying... When it comes to learning, they always frown, making parents exhausted and frustrated. This book is a compilation of the author’s more than ten years of consulting experience, and provides in-depth analysis and diagnosis of the above issues, helping confused parents understand the purpose of their children's behavior, learn parent-child communication skills, and obtain solutions. Based on improving parental effectiveness, it can improve their children’s time management efficiency, and make their children more confident.

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