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Wei Menghua Children's Sci-Fi Series: Dark Matter Explorer

Author: Wei Menghua
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2020.09.01
Page Count:196

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This series includes Falling into Strange Space, Through the Black Hole of the Universe, The Search for Ancestral Remains, The Super Gene Project, and The Conspiracy Under the Ice Lake. This is a science fiction about exploration and thoughts on the future of mankind. The author’s own experience in the polar expedition is used as material, with exaggeration, personification, imagination and other artistic techniques, he built a mysterious and bizarre world of dark matter, describing the ups and downs in the exploration experience of the Doctor of Science and the Eskimo boy in the dark matter world, and recreating the historical scene of ancient Eskimos struggling and surviving in the harsh natural environment. Meanwhile, it also provides thoughts and visions for the future of Eskimos, the Arctic, as well as the whole of humanity.

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