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Handbook of Construction Machinery – Municipal Machinery and Recreation Facilities

Author: HUANG Xinghua, SHU Wenhua, ZHOU Qi, SHENG Jinliang
Publication Date:2023.04.01
Page Count:812

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This book integrates fields highly related to urban operations, including municipal administration and landscaping machinery; amusement facilities; car washing, repair, and parking equipment. It is divided into six parts: Part 1 covers municipal machinery; Part 2 is about landscaping machinery, Part 3 talks about amusement facilities; Part 4 covers car washing equipment; Part 5 is about repair equipment; Part 6 covers parking equipment. This manual can serve as a reference for research institutes related to the construction machinery industry, engineering technicians, on-site operators, and on-site service and maintenance personnel from equipment utilization and leasing enterprises, and management and marketing personnel.

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