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A Practical Guide for Patients with Ovarian Cancer

Author: Deng Yong, Jin Hui
Subject:Life Sciences
Publication Date:2020.11.01
Page Count:284

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Combining the medical experiences of tens of thousands of cancer patients, the author talks about issues that patients are most concerned about, such as what ovarian cancer is, how to deal with the difficulties in seeking medical treatment, fatal mistakes patients often make, clinical observation of various unconventional treatments, advantages and disadvantages of various treatment options for ovarian cancer, common diagnostic errors in major hospitals and the latest frontier progresses in medicine. Like peeling an onion, he starts from easier questions and progresses to difficult ones so as to provide a thorough explanation of the book Ovarian Cancer and Tumor Immunology, translating the knowledge in textbooks and literature as well as the major updates and developments of NCCN guidelines over the years into something the general public can understand so as to present a real world of patients to both doctors and patients.

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