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Blue Book on Brand Value of Chinese Listed Companies

Author: Zhao Ping
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2020.09.01
Page Count:436

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Listed companies in China represent the vitality of the Chinese economy, and their brand influence reflects that of Chinese enterprises as a whole to a larger extent. In view of this, the China Business Research Center of School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University collaborates with National Business Daily to conduct an in-depth study on the brand value of listed companies in China and develop an approach to evaluate the brand value of listed companies. This book contains a comprehensive assessment of the brand value of all listed companies in mainland China and their rankings based on this approach. The book is of great significance to the development and growth of Chinese national brands, because it can provide listed companies with a clearer understanding of the development status of their own and help them achieve sustainable enhancement of their brand value. Meanwhile, it can also serve as a reference for academics to carry out theoretical research on brand value and for the government to formulate more effective brand promotion policies.

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