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Equity Strategy: Partnership Mechanism + Equity Incentives + Financing Plans

Author: Zhang Kaizhi, Ma Ying
Subject:Economics & Management
Publication Date:2021.05.01
Page Count:228

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In the fever of nation-wide entrepreneurship, few entrepreneurs can make if if they work alone. Therefore, entrepreneurs often choose to bring in external forces during the start-up period, such as inviting people to be a partner or bringing in financing. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of equity-related issues that entrepreneurs may encounter at different stages, including how to choose partners and allocate equity in the early stage of the business, and how to design a withdrawal mechanism; how to utilize equity incentives to retain talents in the middle of the entrepreneurship, and how to formulate and implement an equity financing plan for better development. The book delivers a targeted analysis of equity-related issues through actual cases, providing entrepreneurs with scientific and effective practical guidance for formulating equity strategies.

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