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The Happy Quotient: a more important factor than IQ and EQ that decides one’s fate

Author: Ren Jun, Ying Xiaoping
Subject:Life Sciences
Publication Date:2021.03.01
Page Count:384

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This is a book to help you improve your the happy quotient. Investment in the happy quotient can bring rich reward. From existing phycological studies, people with higher the happy quotient tend to lead a happier life, have better academic performance and greater career achievement in the future. For example, they have more stable love relationship, higher income, higher social status, longer life expectancy, and better job performance. To a certain extent, the fate that has been determined by IQ or EQ can only be further changed by the the happy quotient. This book not only compares the classical positive psychology theories related to the happy quotient, but also analyzes and summarizes the relevant social surveys and practical results, which can serve as a meaningful guidance in our daily life.

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