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50 Lessons on the General Knowledge of Blockchain

Author: Wang Feng, Deng Peng, Shen Chong
Subject:Popular Science
Publication Date:2021.02.01
Page Count:208

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This book talks about bitcoins, which then leads to blockchain, with 50 questions as the entry point. There are 6 chapters in the book: Chapter 1, the predecessor and development of bitcoin; Chapter 2, what exactly is blockchain; Chapter 3, do you really understand Facebook Diem; Chapter 4, why blockchain is a financial revolution in the first place; Chapter 5, how blockchain will change all walks of life; Chapter 6, what blockchain has to do with me. This book incorporates news, anecdotes and visible and perceptible objects around us to introduce blockchain technology and principles in an easy-to-understand manner, which makes it both interesting and story-like, so it is suitable as an introductory book for the general public to understand blockchain knowledge.

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