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New Theory of Basic Questions: The Logic of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: Wang Jiwu
Subject:Life Sciences
Publication Date:2020.10.01
Page Count:248

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Traditional Chinese medicine can be traced back to the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor, and Chinese civilization originated from the Book of Changes. The two classics are identical in terms of philosophy. This book recombs the logic of traditional Chinese medicine by returning to the understanding of the two classics. Both the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor and the Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases are based on the yin-yang triple helix as the cornerstone of the philosophy of life. The Basic Questions recognizes a more advanced, systematic and comprehensive structure of life than modern anatomy, that is, the double layer structure of viscera + manifestation and a systematic platform organization integrated through the meridians (viruses and bacteria are also part of the symbiotic coevolution). The revival and return of TCM is the philosophy of life. It is by no means an exclusion of modern technology or Western medicine. Quite the contrary, guided by the philosophy, TCM should have the courage to introduce modern technology.

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