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Arbitration Law (Third Edition)

Author: Qiao Xin
Publication Date:2020.09.01
Page Count:252

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This textbook is a systematic introduction to the basics and theories of arbitration law, which comprehensively reflects the latest legislative spirit and legal provisions, striving to integrate legislation, theories and arbitration practices so as to present arbitration law to readers in a thorough manner. Since the first edition of this textbook was published in 2008, the Civil Procedural Law, which is most closely related to arbitration law, has undergone major revisions and the Supreme People’s Court has issued subsequent interpretations on the application of the Law, many of which deal with the arbitration system. At the same time, the Supreme People’s Court has also issued a series of judicial interpretations regarding arbitration. Therefore, in the preparation of this textbook, special attention is paid to elaborating the added and modified contents.

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