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The Accountant Mother's Financial Quotient Lessons

Author: Li Yi
Subject:Humanities & Social Sciences
Publication Date:2021.03.01
Page Count:276

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This is a special book for parents and children to read together, which can help children improve their financial literacy and cultivate good learning habits. Through specific parent-child cases, solutions are provided to address several issues of particular concern to parents: what to do when children love to compare with others unrealistically, and always ask for things? What to do if children are obsessed with games and want to top up, and they make a scene or borrow from others if you refuse to give them money? Should parents give children pocket money or lucky money for the New Year? How to deal with so many idle toys and clothes of children at home? How to guide children to learn about saving? How to explain compound interest to the children? How do children get together with their friends? Should they go Dutch? There is a training exercise at the end of each chapter, and the criteria are listed at the end, so that parents can check the results of their children’s learning against the criteria.

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