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Play with Data Structure

Author: Cheng Jie
Subject:Computer Science
Publication Date:2020.12.01
Page Count:392

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With the teaching process of a computer teacher as the scenario, this book explains the knowledge of data structure and related algorithms. Some of the classical algorithms involved in data structure are explained in an easy-to-understand way through a fun narrative. The book uses a wide variety of life knowledge as analogy and applies full-color graphic language to interpret abstract content. One of the difficulties in learning data structure is how to understand related algorithms. Compared with other books in the same category, this book is fun and easy to read, which uses both illustrations and texts to provide detailed and in-depth explanation of algorithms, enabling readers to learn while reading the book, so it can guide readers in developing programming thinking. Diagrams, processes, and codes are combined with colors for re-convention and summarization, so that the analysis is clearer and smoother, which makes it a great book for self-learning.

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