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Game Programming Courses – A Beginner's Guide on Developing Microsoft Arcade Handled Games

Author: Chaihuo Makers, FENG Lei
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2021.02.01
Page Count:348

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Learning about programming through game creation has become a popular trend. However, existing books are often organized based on programming knowledge, which makes games less attractive and fails to make children enthusiastic about and actively engage in learning. This book revolves around how to create games and integrates programming knowledge into realizing the game’s functionality.The book consists of two parts: Advancement of the Gray Robe Magician (Chapters 01-05) introduces the “basic skills” of game creation, such as how to create and control characters, set “food” and “enemies” in games, set up scoring and countdowns, launch bullets, and quickly create playable game prototypes. The Advancement of White Robe Magician (Chapters 06-10) guides readers to build complex games, including how to add animations in games, enable “multiplayer games,” edit maps, and create multi-map levels. As the knowledge of game creation unfolds, readers will learn core programming concepts such as variables, statements, loops, nested loops, functions, and arrays, as well as programming design ideas and methods.This book is based on Microsoft’s open-source platform for graphical programming, MakeCode Arcade, and can be accessed through a browser. It also allows for sharing work conveniently. The book can serve as an introductory book for game creation or programming learning and is also suitable as teaching material for training institutions and family programming education.

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