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Artificial Intelligence for Elementary Students – The Elegant Language Python

Author: Guo Gongde, Feng Yan, Li Lici
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2020.12.01
Page Count:224

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This book mainly explains the programming methods and skills of Python, with 32 lessons in 8 units. It is divided into two volumes. The four units in the first volume are Baic Syntax of Python, Turtle Drawing, Program Structure and Baidu AI; and the four units in the second volume are MicroPython, Sensory Control, Music and Entertainment, and Web Crawler and Serial Port Communication. This book aims to allow students with zero basis to learn Python programming. It focuses on the practical learning of Python programming, and does not emphasize the systematic explanation of Python knowledge. The book integrates syntax knowledge of Python into the cases in the course, and through some interesting and interactive cases, students can fall in love with and feel the beauty of Python. This book is suitable for general middle and elementary schools that offer artificial intelligence courses (recommended for sixth and seventh grade classes).

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