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Cold Mountain Poems: Textual Travel and Canonical Construction (Revised Version)

Author: Hu Anjiang
Subject:Humanities & Social Sciences
Publication Date:2021.06.01
Page Count:332

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In the grand narrative system of the history of Chinese literary, cold mountain poems have never really drawn the attention of elite intellectuals. Even in the post-classical era where all kinds of classics were appreciated, cold mountain poems remained a classic form of Chinese literature that was often overlooked. However, since the 1950s, cold mountain poems have been accorded high literary honors in both the East and the West, and they have spread almost all over the world. This book systematically explores the translation, dissemination and classic construction of cold mountain poems in the world literary field. Meanwhile, it uses the approach of archeology of knowledge to examine the formation and establishment of the “cold mountain fever” and “cold mountain phenomenon”, which have far-reaching meaning, and their significance and value for the history of world literature and culture.

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