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Catalogue of Folk Paper-Cutting Treasures of Tsinghua University

Author: Jiang Yunzhong, Wang Lianhai, Wei Chengguang, Yu Ting, Ni Jia
Subject:Humanities & Social Sciences
Publication Date:2021.04.01
Page Count:328

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The Tsinghua University Art Library has a rich collection of folk paper-cutting arts over the years. At present, there are about 5,500 pieces of paper-cutting materials in the library, with folk paper-cutting works from Hebei, Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu, Guangdong, etc., covering a wide range of topics, such as auspicious patterns, home decoration, landscapes, opera and literary classics, figures and animals. The graphic symbols as well as the patterns and textures of these treasures are of great value for academic reference. This book selects more than 500 pieces of paper-cutting works with distinct traditional folk characteristics in the collection. In this way, these precious materials can be better provided by copyright and it also contributes to the long-term preservation and utilization of the intangible cultural heritage of Chinese paper- cuttings.

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