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Arduino Graphical Programming Made Easy

Author: FENG Lei, [Russia] Dmitry Maslov, JIANG Weibo
Subject:Children's Book
Publication Date:2022.04.01
Page Count:330

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Based on the Grove Arduino Beginner Kit, several expansion modules, and the graphical programming software Codecraft, this book guides readers through 28 interesting projects to get started with Arduino open-source hardware. The content is organized as follows: Chapter 01 (Lessons 1-14) introduces readers to the ten most frequently used electronic modules in the Grove Arduino Beginner Kit through one or more tasks every lesson, vividly explaining related background knowledge such as LED lights, buzzers, and OLED displays. Chapter 02 (Lessons 15-19) first introduces the design inspiration of product prototypes, then creates four relatively complex projects, such as a smart humidifier, remote-controlled fan, and automatic alarm, to enhance readers’ comprehensive application skills. Chapter 03 invites five experienced makers to share their experiences and insights in making projects, including Wang Xingxing from Unitree Robotics to discuss the experience of making a robotic dog and Yu Yunbo from Kenqing Technology to share the story of developing a powered exoskeleton.All projects in the book have source code provided for readers’ reference and learning. Meanwhile, complex projects come with files suitable for laser cutting, allowing readers to create wooden structural parts for their projects with these files. The background knowledge includes common senses in life and various physics concepts, making it convenient for teachers to integrate subjects.This book is suitable for individuals with zero experience who hope to quickly get started with open-source hardware. It also suits schools or training institutions for teaching purposes.

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