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Sugar-free Micropropagation and Transplant Production

Author: XIAO Yulan, JIANG Shihao, KANG Dang, YANG Chenghe
Publication Date:2022.12.01
Page Count:508

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This book brings together the work of many researchers and seedling producers, reflecting the authors’ years of research and practical experience. It helps readers understand the relationship between the growth and development of seedlings in test tubes and the environment, develop their thoughts, and solve problems encountered in research and production. Sugar-free Micropropagation and Transplant Production suits researchers in the field of tissue culture, as well as professionals in the propagation of seedlings, greenhouse horticulture, plant factories, and environmental control. It can also be a reference for students and teachers in related majors, such as biology, agriculture, forestry, traditional Chinese medicine, and ecology, in colleges, universities, and research institutes. Of course, this is also a reference book for the development of automated and intelligent tissue culture, which will open up new imaginative spaces for you.

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